About Us

Office Otter offers tutorials, walk-through instructions, and templates for your favorite new, and classic, productivity software.

Whether it is at work or for your own personal productivity, the tutorials are meant to help you use tools more easily. Then you can get back to the important stuff – basically, anything other than trying to add a new column in a Word table.

We address a variety of software, although predominately Evernote, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Office Tutorials focus on using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on a Macintosh / Apple computer (iOS). This is because there is a lack of support for iOS devices.


In addition to tutorials, Office Otter offers free resume templates and adjacent tutorials.

We recognize that the skills necessary for building a readable, functional, resume may be different than the skills required for a job. For those who are trying to find a job, not having the skills to create a resume should not be a barrier.

This is why we will always offer resume templates for free, as well as continue to offer instructions for formatting and editing resumes in various software. Getting a job should never cost anyone a dime.

Why are templates free?

At Office Otter, we believe technology can help change the world.  The last thing we want is to be hindered by it.  Our goal is to help people feel more confident using software so they can spend energy on the work that matters.

We help you use technology by providing templates, resume designs, and walk throughs for popular software.  With these templates, you can learn a new skill and do your job more efficiently.

Just a small way we help YOU change the world.

Want to support Office Otter so we can provide more tools like this?  We always appreciate a cup of coffee. 🙂