Job Application Tracker


Keep track of all your job applications in Evernote.

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Applying for a new job can be stressful.  Especially if you are applying to a lot of jobs at once!  How do you make sure that your job application isn’t forgotten about?

Track a job application in Evernote with this template.  This template is designed for active job seekers who need to organize their job applications.  Learn how to organize job applications in Evernote using this template.

Benefits of using this template include:

  • Track the status of a job application you’ve submitted
  • Save a copy of the job description – no more expired links!
  • View the resume and cover letter you used to apply for the job
  • Set alerts before a job posting is going to close

To download and use this template:

  1. Click the Download button above
  2. Save the note to your Evernote Account
  3. Create a template in Evernote (premium plans)

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