Recently I found myself sitting in my car, waiting for a tow truck after having been rear-ended on a highway.  For those of you unfamiliar with the process, calling a tow truck bestows upon you the gift of time.

My adrenaline was starting to dissipate and with my head clearing up from the accident I realized I need to start recording everything.  I had exchange information with the other driver, and taken photos.  Now I needed to recall the events before I forgot anything.

Using Evernote for Everything

I pulled out my phone and opened the Evernote App (my go-to for note taking).  I opened a new note and stared at the blank screen.  Where do I start?  What do I record?  How do I link all the information I have from photos to contact info?

Eventually I bumbled my way through it, but in times of crisis, it is helpful to have a guide.  What if I hadn’t remembered to document the location of the accident and now the other driver and I have conflicting reports?  What if I forgot to get the insurance information of the other driver, or their phone number?  

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Auto Accident Report Template

The result of that accident is an Evernote Template for Auto Accident Reports.  I developed this template to help other Evernote users avoid the situation I was in.  This report is to help you identify what you need to know and document.  It is your tool to account for the events of an accident.

Safety First
Address injuries and move vehicles to a save location before filling out this report.

The key here is to download it now so you won’t have to worry about it if the time ever comes. 

Save the template to your Evernote Account.  For those with the Plus, Premium, or Business license of Evernote, you can save a template for quick select. For those using Evernote’s free version, duplicate the note each time to need a fresh copy.

Don’t have Evernote? Get Started Using Evernote.

By saving as a template, you don’t have to search for it.  If you find yourself in an accident, simply open a new note and select “Templates”.

Walkthrough of selecting a template with Pro version of Evernote.
Quick selecting a template in Evernote on a mobile device.

Here is what the Accident Reporting Template includes:

  • Location of the accident
  • Weather and Road conditions
  • Description of the accident from your point of view
  • Damage sustained to vehicles
  • Contact information of any other drivers
  • Police contact information in the accident jurisdiction
  • Personal injury of all passengers and parties
  • Insurance claims and area to continue follow up on reporting and claims

We never want an accident to happen, and so the unplanned nature means we can get caught off-guard if they do occur.  While this template won’t prevent an accident, it can help you mitigate the fall out.

Accident Report

Use this Evernote template to record details and easily make accurate claims.

As always, drive safe and remember people come first.  

Photo by takahiro taguchi on Unsplash

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